28 July 2011

classic guacamole

{classic, creamy guacamole}

have i publicly shared my love of avocados yet?  if yes, then i apologize for any repetition, but i LOVE avocados.  love 'em.  i always pick winners too.

how do you know when your avocado is ready, you ask?  there are a couple tricks i use to know when i've got a perfect avocado; you know the kind, one that when you slice it open presents the brightest, creamiest green flesh you've ever seen, and spreads like butter.  and because you're oh so lovely for reading, i will now share my two simple tricks:

trick #1 skin & squeeze:
look at the skin of the avocado.  it should be be a rich, dark colour - not bright green.  now pick it up and give it a gentle squeeze, and it should have just a bit of give but it shouldn't be squishy or feel like there are pockets of air under the skin. 

trick #2 the stem flick:
this is a trick my mother in law taught me and it's never let me down!  if the avocado looks and feels ripe, hold it in one hand and try to 'flick' the stem off with your thumb.  if it pops off easily you've got yourself a winner!  (now this trick requires of course that your avocado still have the stem on it, so if yours is without, don't fret - you can still use it!)

{a skilled thumb flick in action}

{stem, flicked}

{voilà: a perfect avocado}

if you're as much of an avocado fan as i am (and eat them at least 4 times a week) then in no time you'll become an avocado connoisseur.  yes, there is such a thing.  and yes, i just made it up now.

now that we have our bases coverd, i can share my best ever guacamole recipe - as you'll see it's the easiest thing around and only has 3 ingredients!  being the avocado connoisseur that i am, i've tried many other recipes that have lots of spices and add-ins, but in my opinion guacamole should be simple, creamy, cooling and clean tasting - to mexican cuisine what raita is to indian.

classic guacamole

2 ripe avocados
1 big juicy lime
sea salt to taste

first, slice the avocados in half and mash them up with the back of a fork. then squeeze in the lime (if it happens to be a really dry lime you might need another one to juice too), sprinkle with salt (a pinch at a time) and mix it up. for the salt, start with a bit, gradually adding more to taste (i usually use about 1/2 tsp). yep.  that's it!


when i make guacamole at home i don't add tomatoes, but on occasion, i have been known to seed and chop some up to throw in - espcially if i'm serving a group, because it's a great way to stretch it and have it feed more people.  olé!


  1. I am obsessed with avocado too! This is how I make my guac but I usually use lemon juice instead (I always have lemons in the house, but not always limes). I love the simplicity of it!

  2. You got to garlic that guac!

    1. haha, i would if my belly could handle it! but sadly as much as i love the flavour, raw garlic + me do not get along :(