09 March 2012

vegan in sevilla part 2

oh sevilla, how i miss thee...

the rest of our time in seville saw more wandering, more caña breaks and evening stops for carajillos, perfectly-sized little espressos topped up with brandy.  yum.  we found ourselves at the same little bar in the juderia nightly for my new favourite nightcap.

{and for the record although i might not look it, i was so happy in this moment!}

being my mother's daughter, prior to a trip i tend to do a fair bit of research before i travel, looking into hotels, museums and restaurants.  okay, who's kidding who --- i mainly just look up restaurants.  i can't help being such a food-loving girl!  happycow is always a great place to start for me, so i made myself a list of must-try haunts for all of our spanish destinations.

habinata had great reviews and was also recommended in our lonely planet so we sought it out for a late lunch one day.  it's a busy little cuban-fusion restaurant tucked away at the end of a narrow little street.  the menu was not strictly vegetarian but all of the vegetarian and vegan options were clearly marked as such.  m ordered a glass of red sangria and i a glass of white, and we picked out 3 menu items to share.  a big salad of greens topped with aritchokes and a balsamic glaze, a brown rice dish with shitake mushrooms and tofu, and fried yuca.  everything was delicious.  although it didn't look like much, the yuca was the showstopper... big chunks of it, lightly fried and perfectly salted, each bite melted away in in our mouths.  the gentleman who served us {also the owner i think} was very kind and welcoming.  some of the prices seemed a bit much for the portion sizes, but i'd got back in a heartbeat!


but of all the must-hits on my list i think i was most excited for for veganitessen.  a jewel of a little vegan bakery in seville, the land of jamon!  with only 3 days in seville i wanted to find veganitessen as soon as possible so that if i loved it {which i knew i would} i would have as many chances as i could to revisit it!  so our first day out we found the covered market where it resides.  and then discovered it was closed on mondays.  oh well, no worries i thought, we'd just head back the following day on tuesday!  so we did.  and it was closed.  again.  actually - the entire market was closed that day, we figured possibly for a holiday we didn't know about.  i think i almost cried.  {possibly a little dramatic i know, but i wanted a vegan sweet SO badly!}  thank goodness the 3rd time was a charm.

wednesday we returned and i was elated to see that the bakery was open!  and good thing for the glass display case because i might just have drooled over everything otherwise... croissants, pain au chocolat, cupcakes, doughnuts, palmieres, cheesecake, so many vegan treats!  we were about to head to the train station for córdoba so i had to limit my choice to one goody and eventually decided on a custard-filled cinnamon doughnut & m picked up the 2 remaining pain au chocolat.  mmm, the doughnut was so incredible!  i saved it for the train and was so wrapped up in it that i think i missed all of the countryside passing me by out the window!  vegan sweets are hard to come by in spain so this place is definitely a treasure.

and also, how cute is her logo with the spoons crossed under the cupcake a la skull & crossbones?!

i should also mention that the owner was a very lovely gal, and i would have loved to spend some time talking with her but my limited spanish wouldn't allow for it :(  i'm going to brush up on it though, and next time i'm there i plan on chatting up vegan sweets with her and getting the recipe for those doughnuts!!

my top 3 picks for vegan-friendly eats in seville
veganitessen for vegan sweets & treats in the mercado del arenal {vegan bakery}
habinata for lunch or dinner on calle golfo {restaurant with vegan & vegetarian options}
huelva ocho for tapas & drinks on calle huelva {bar cafe with vegan & vegetarian options}

next stop, córdoba!


  1. the food at habinata looks amazing! the artichokes look particularly delicious!

  2. Oh wow - that donut is making me hungry!! Finding vegan eats while traveling is really fun, don't you think? I was originally nervous about it, but so far I think it adds to the experience. :)

    1. yes, i do love the adventure of seeking out food in a new city, *especially* when i'm rewarded with deliciousness :)

  3. I'm sorry, I so would address the entirity of the post but currently that donuts has my attention and I cannot take my eyes off of it. Will you give me a moment alone with it? :)

    1. haha, you have no idea cara - it was SO good. i wasn't kidding when i said i wanted to learn more spanish so that i might sweet talk her into sharing her recipe!

  4. eeeeee..a vegan bakery!!! I am OMG so super excited, and reading your posts and looking at your photos makes me even MORE!! I was a little unsure of visiting Seville...but now I think I am going to look into it a bit more. Did you here the bull fighting?

  5. Omg, Veganitessen? Now I wanna hop on a plain right away!

  6. Isn't it incredible how it's getting easier to find vegan food EVERYWHERE? Our message is spreading!

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