27 June 2012

vegan weekend wrap-up

wait, it's hump day already??  and here i am just about to ask you about your weekend!  hopefully it was so lovely that it's still fresh in your mind and hopefully another weekend is coming your way in a few short days.  here's what i got up to...

our weekend kicked off with hosting two nights of shows at the record store.  it all started with a quick mexican meal for the band prior to their show friday night.

then there was said show - which was amazing.  dan romano is a serious talent to be reckoned with.  this song that he closed with always makes me swoon... and he's got a spify new custom-sewn & studded suit to boot! 

there was some serious talk of queen after the show.

i then travelled south in order to attend a lovely high tea in honour of one of my oldest friends who's getting herself hitched later this summer. 

there were so many details abound at this shower (including a special set of vegan-friendly treats!)


i also got to put in a little mom time :)

and the weekend wouldn't have been complete without a little marlowe time!

and a great big backyard family dinner.

i'm a lucky, lucky girl.

ps - this week's no slouch either... last night we had an amazing turn out to the Northern Veg monthly potluck!  here's a sneak peak of what i brought.  recipe soon my friends....


  1. So lovely! I love all the details in the tea bags and what not!

  2. The food looks delish!! Especially the first picture and your dog is adorable :)

    1. yep, marlowe sure is a looker'!

  3. what an amazing weekend you had! some thoughts:

    -the mexican dinner looks delicious.
    -i've gotten into some serious talks about queen, as well.
    -your friend's shower looks lovely and i want to get my hands on some lemon meringue rooibos asap.
    -i love seeing pictures of you on the blog because you are so prettttttty!
    -i am in love with marlowe. i still remember the dog treat post and wanting to give her a big, giant hug.
    -i can't wait for the carrot salad recipe!


    1. hee hee, loved all your 'thoughts' on this caitlin! stay tuned for the recipe later this morning.... & thanks for making me blush ;)

  4. what an amazing weekend! the shower looked like so much fun! i love high tea:)

  5. What an awesome weekend! I’ve decided that I need to work somewhere that has random concerts, because that just sounds so fun. Love all the little details of your friends shower, like everyone else, I’m intrigued by this lemon meringue rooibos tea.