23 October 2012

vegan pregnancy: 34 weeks & a weekend away

today was a busy day of playing catch up after spending a really amazing {and exhausting} weekend away, my last trip down south before our vegan bean arrives!  it was so full of friends and family and love and late nights that my heart is still running over and my head can't wait to hit the pillow again tonight.

my weekend was spent in toronto, followed by burlington, on to guelph and back to toronto.  lots of driving and saw this pregnant gal up for 2 late nights in bars for m's last 2 gigs of his mini tour with ox, including one at the bar in guelph where we first met almost 8 years ago.  {yes, it's true, we met in a bar - i was the bartender, he was the cute touring musician with crazy blue eyes...}

there were lots of visits, drinks shared and delicious meals along the way {here and here and a homecooked one too}, as well as a really yummy raw lunch at the naked sprout with my sweet friend sarah.  we had a great catch up and both stuffed ourselves with the raw tacos {so good!}.

i was also showered with love and laughter {and some of the cutest little gifts i've ever seen!} with my best girls during the most wonderful sunday afternoon.  they put together a mouthwatering spread of vegan-friendly eats and my girl susie hosted us in her gorgeous new home.  these dear friends i've known for years, some since summer camp, others since high school, university & even beyond, but they all share one thing and that's one of those amazing bonds where you can pick up right where you left off, no matter how long it's been.

lucky for me i've been spoiled and have had plenty of visits with them lately.   before saying our goodbyes we decided to take a group picture m caught us candidly as we tried to organize ourselves....

i love these beauties.  34 weeks pregnant sure was a happy one.

12 October 2012

cheezy roasted cauliflower soup

this soup is brought to you by some inspiration i came across yesterday, the first flurries of the season up here {gah!} and the massive head of cauliflower from my csa this week.

after spying some creamy, puréed soups yesterday i knew that was the route i wanted to go.  i opted to roast the cauliflower first to bring out some of it's sweetness but you could always skip that step and just cook it with the other ingredients.  although boiling cauliflower tends to make your kitchen smell a bit... gassy.  ahem.

cheezy roasted cauliflower soup
makes 4-6 servings
1/2 head cauliflower
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tsp coarse sea salt
2 cups vegetable broth
2 cups water
1 clove garlic
1 shallot
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
sea salt & fresh pepper to taste

wash the cauliflower and cut into large florets.  toss with olive oil and spread it out on a cookie sheet or in a roasting pan.  sprinkle with salt and roast in a preheated oven at 375f for 35-40 minutes, stirring once or twice during cooking time.  remove the cauliflower from the oven and transfer to a soup pot along with the broth, water, garlic & shallot and bring to a boil.  cover, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.  using an immersion blender purée the soup {or carefully blend in batches}.  whisk in the nutritional yeast and simmer another few minutes.

then pour yourself a big ol' bowl of silky, belly-warming deliciousness.

and don't be shy with the nooch - i sprinkled on another heaping tablespoon of it before digging in.

11 October 2012

down the rabbit hole on a hunt for soup

do you ever start browsing online for cooking inspiration only to be led down the endless rabbit hole? 
i'm not even on pintrest and manage to lose hours!

i was trying to decide what kind of soup i was in the mood for this afternoon and started browsing...
i managed to make a decision and i've got something in the works, but for now i wanted to share some of the awesome recipes i stumbled across along the way.

i'm loving the look of this pale, creamy celeriac and artichoke soup from vegalicious

it caught me offguard at first, but doesn't this caesar soup from bittersweetblog sound amazing?

my mouth is watering for this garlicky white bean soup with greens from the nourishing gourmet

a hearty pumpkin potato soup with tofu from pickles & honey

chili isn't soup, but i can't stop drooling over this pumpkin quinoa white bean chili from manifest vegan

although i'm still considering another batch of that curried chana dal i made recently...

but i'm also all over this mushroom millet soup from oh she glows 
{especially with some of that cheesy bread in the background!}

maybe i need to bust out a second soup pot...

07 October 2012

vegan pregnancy: 32 weeks

so it seems i've been slacking on the bump updates {as i was gently reminded by a beautiful friend of mine today} - i clocked in at 32 weeks on friday.  check this growing belly out!

long long gone are the days of "hardly looking pregnant".  there is no. doubt. about. it.  {and is it just me or does my shirt have a massive bulls-eye on my belly?  the things you don't notice when getting dressed in the morning...}

i think i'm going to need to go shopping though.  so far i've just been wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes plus a couple pair of super stretchy jeans i picked up in nyc back in august, but most of my tops are starting to not cover the belly and that's not okay.  the maternity options are seriously slim where i live {one store and it's pretty lame} and i'm terrible at online shopping, especially when it comes to trying to fit a newish body shape, but in the meantime, hopefully i'm not stretching my pre-pregnancy wardrobe beyond recognition.

although i'm still feeling great i've noticed some things getting to be a bit more awkward, such as getting out of bed in the morning and getting up from sitting on the floor.  just takes me a minute or two longer than i remember!  i've also traded in my desk chair for my big exercise ball.  it's really great for rolling around to stay comfortable and apparently great for pregnant posture, hip opening and keeping the baby where he or she is supposed to be.

i'm not sure i mentioned it yet, but i started prenatal yoga about 6 weeks ago and i am loving it!  i had really missed a regular yoga practice since i stopped going at the start of the summer when life was getting busy and i was unsure i could keep up with the fast and intense pace of a vigorous flow class.  this yoga is more meditative and definitely specialized for a pregnant body and as in a regular practice, an incredible instructor can really make the class.  

and then aside from the actual practice to be in a room full of beautiful pregnant women is a pretty amazing thing - especially when one stops to think that there are actually twice as many of us in the room counting the wee babes too!  i feel as though this prenatal practice is helping to keep me limber as i continue to grow and that breathing through the asanas will give me something to draw on during labour.  

did you take or would you consider taking prenatal yoga?

02 October 2012

oh me, Oh My!

what's with the exclamation you ask?  remember back in july when i spilled the beans about my little vegan bun in the oven?  well at the same time i think i also asked that we wouldn't keep secrets.  and you see, it's not that i've broken my promise, but i have kept something else under my hat for a little while now.

i wanted to wait until all of my chickpeas were in a row.  but now that they seem to be, Oh My, here we go!

now that it's officially up and running, i'm pretty excited to share with you that i've just recently started up my own little bakery!  allow me to introduce to you, Oh My Bakeshop - something i've been dreaming up for years and i've finally made it a reality.

i've been spending my days in my new kitchen space baking up sweet vegan treats that are now being carried at various locations around town, and filling special orders to help add a little sweetness to celebrations of every kind.  things have been picking up pace organically and i've been keeping busy - which i'm so grateful for.  this is the first of its kind in sudbury & so far the reception has been warm and wonderful. 

i am so happy to wake up everyday and do what i love to do. and i'm so excited for what lies ahead.