07 December 2013

from belly to baby to birthday

we're a week past the actual day, but i'm still feeling a little celabratory.  and if i'm being completely honest, a little and nostalgic and weepy too.  for on november 29th my little woodrow fox turned one.

one year later and here we are --- we've all grown and changed from belly... to baby... to birthday.

since the most awesome little person came into our lives one year ago, our home and our hearts have never been so full of love and laughter.  

marking woodrow's first birthday has also meant marking several other anniversaries.  one full year of parenting.  one full year of breastfeeding.  one full year of co-sleeping.  pretty monumental stuff.  and so we marked the occasion with cake.  a mini one for baby that he could smash to bits (although that never happened - he just poked it a bit and that was that) and a bigger one for the adults to share.  they weren't my usual sugar-laden, rich and decadent cakes that i usually bake up for birthdays as i tried to keep things a little cleaner for woodrow.  still very yummy though in all their green avocado frosting goodness.  i'll share the recipe with you soon - for now let's just give the little birthday boy another "hip hip hooray!"

happy, happy birthday to you my little fox baby.


  1. Happy birthday to Woodrow! What an amazing year you've had. I can't believe his growth. Your lives must feel so totally different from what they were a year ago. He is so adorable!

    1. it blows my mind to see pictures of him so tiny now - watching a person grow is incredible!

  2. hooray for woodrow turning oneeeee! i love that cake you made him and can't wait til you share the recipe! ps- totally didn't realize woodrow's birthday was the same as my brother's! yay for november 29th!

  3. Oh happy birthday to sweet Woodrow and happy birthing day to you. So wild how quickly time has flown but what grand adventures along the way!

  4. Happy Birthday Woodrow! I feel you about the nostogia and weepiness. It was hard when Eden turned one - I felt like she was growing up too fast. And I've already started feeling nostalgic for Nash's "early days" and he's only 6 days old as of today!