31 December 2013

my top 5 recipes for 2013

hey stranger!  it's been a while since you've heard from me i know.  things have been busy and restfull at once and i've been savouring my time with family and friends this holiday season, as i hope you've been doing too!  so for now i'm just popping in to say hello & share with you my favourite recipes from cupcakes and kale this past year.  i think you'll find a little something for everyone here: healthfull salads, warming soup and even cake!  (because there should always be cake.)

i hope you ring in the new year in the way that you most enjoy, and i'll catch you around here again soon...


loaded baked sweet potatoes  //  main event caesar salad   //   vanilla cake with raw avocado frosting   //   the best 4-ingredient kale salad   //  vegetable barley &quinoa soup

1 comment:

  1. i think i could eat that kale salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! happy new year, lady!